Greetings in Yeshuah,

In light of the federal and state recommendations and our social responsibility surrounding this current virus epidemic, we will not be meeting as a group at the KPC house until further notice.  

The KPC Website is set up for online giving and we thank you so much for your continued faithfulness and blessing along those lines.

We are continuing to intercede regarding the situation at hand and will continue to pray for you and your families.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. Let’s all continue to do our best to stay connected and to gather together electronically…

We plan on streaming some acoustic worship on Sunday mornings…

You can come right here and click the video above this post to watch our live broadcast but wait there’s more!…



The only way to interact with us is by utilizing ZOOM, (instead of just watching on Youtube or the embedded video above).  Using ZOOM will enable you to utilize either a mobile device or a computer with a webcam and a mic (if you so desire) so that we can see your beautiful face and hear you as well.  You will be able to see the mug shots of all the participants!  How fun is that?

For mobile devices: download the ZOOM app from your devices app store and get set up with a free account.

For Desktop or Computer go here: Zoom.

To interact with us via ZOOM you will need a “Meeting ID” or an “access code”

For us to get you that “meeting ID” or an”access code” we need to send you an invite.

That invite will come via email or via a WhatsApp group communication (or both) but to do that we need your email and phone #

To send us your info please use the “Contact Us” form.

For you to receive the “Meeting ID” the best way is going to be via “WhatsApp” so you are going to want that…

Download the “WhatsApp” from the AppStore on your mobile device, once you have done that you can get their desktop version to use on your computer if you like but you need the mobile app to be working first.

We will be using ZOOM in the future for training webinars and more, so create that free account and get familiar with the functionality now!

We also look forward to communicating with you via “WhatsApp”

Muchas gracias!

Pastors Steven & Jodi