Where does the spiritual interface with the natural? What does awake look like? Can you control zeal once it erupts within the soul? Should we even try? Zeal will break all the rules designed to keep people docile and in line…. Asleep…. Zeal is aggressive and consumes. Zeal can also land you in prison and cause you to lose your head. Zeal will get you called “out of control”, “angry” and all kinds of other things… Righteous anger and zeal are real…. For many years I know of women that have been praying for men to arise and take their places in the kingdom because the pews were full of kids and women… What does a Blood bought man full of supernatural zeal and fire look like to the natural eye and the societal norms?  Will he even sit in a pew? We need to look at such things now so we are not offended by an army of Kingdom Barbarians manifesting in this hour, as they will not appear to be meek and mild.

And yes… women barbarians too.

Now, now, calm down, just play along and be a good little citizen, mind all the rules and laws we have created to control and keep you asleep.  After all, you don’t want to stand out, it would be better if you just blend in.