Some of the lyrics that came forth:  forgive the spelling errors etc.

Humble myself and pray, Heal my land I pray, O the land that I grew up in, Land that I love, land that my children were born in, blessed from heaven from above

Streams in the desert places, causing the crocus to bloom

Only One God, Only One Name, Only One Voice

Only One God, Only One Name, Only One Voice

Only One God, Only One Name, Only One Way, Only One Voice

Jesus, Jesus, You’re The Living Way, Healing Messiah, Healing King, Prince of Peace, Beginning and end, author of faith, creator of a clean heart, alpha and omega, beautiful Christ

Deliver, O My everything, My Friend, Good God, High & Lifted Up, I Worship You, O Jehovah, High and lifted, O Jehovah, King of Kings, Lord of lords, Majesty, O, nobody knows the depth, Omniscient, Prince of Peace

Only One God, Only One Name, Only One Voice

Only One God, Only One Name, Only One Voice

Only One God, Only One Name, Only One Way, Only One Voice

Behold Israel, Your God is One

Brand new streams of creativity in the deserts, brand new places of functionality, brand new places of effective service for the king of kings, moving around the pegs, putting them in place where they ought to be, living stones, near me, near me, touching me

Living stones, living stone, living stone, living stone next to me, each one doing his work, yeah… diligently, gently, gently…. Diligently, gently, gently.. Diligently building the wall in front of me, next to you, next to you, next to you, next to you, next to you, next to you, were building the wall, building the wall, we’ll climb up on the wall, like Nehemiah did, like the choir did, and we’ll sing the song of the redeemed from the places where He stations us and calls us to be

Refreshing streams in the desert, the crocus springs up seemingly overnight

Fields of scarlet and purple and blue, scarlet purple and blue

Like the crocus in the desert, growing for you, my beloved, I see what you do, I heard your cry, The warrior cry, peace warriors arise, peace subdues like a river, prince of peace flow like you do, prince of peace flow down every avenue, every avenue, every boulevard, every street is brand new, there is one, just one,

One street in heaven, look likes gold you can see through, somehow mingled with fire, new Jerusalem, coming on through, coming on through, coming on through, let the old slough off, like an old husk, let the winnowing fork be in the angels hands, let my heart be threshed and made brand new, tilling up the stoney ground so I can be close to you, I wanna be close to you, don’t know what else to do

Blessing and honor and praise be unto you, blessing and praise and honor be unto you

Surrounded by such a great cloud, O we’re surrounded, by such a great cloud

You will run the race, that I’ve called you to, you will finish the course, that I’ve laid out for you, and in your old age you might find you get taken there… to get renewed

Arise, brand new, with fresh vision, fresh eyes, fresh meals, to arise and kill and eat, new battles, that your feet have been shod and prepared for, go in peace, go in this my strength, your strength too.

You’ve never been slow of heart, or slow to listen, and I appreciate that, about you

You’ve never been slow to speak, you’ve always said yes to all that I’ve asked of you

And I’ve heard, your petition, and I am considering this ignition, of the new

I have the old fuses, and some new ones too, I’m gunna light ‘em up, I’m gunna light ‘em up, O a few have a short fuse, mind your P’s and Q’s, and there’s aged ones, gray through and through, to help you, hand in hand, marching on, like my great band, fathers and sons, moms and daughters, with hearts for one another, while I heal the land, O fathers and sons, O mothers and daughters, with hearts toward one another in love, while I heal the land

While I heal the land

Clothe me in humility, all across this land, your bride, your hands, clothe us in humility, this mighty army in your hands

Surpassing revelation, for every single nation, and a tongue that is pure

Salty is your speech, crafty are your ways, I’ve called you to destroy the idols that stand in the way, some of it, is just idols in the way, I’m calling them down, face down, I’m calling every idol down, every idol set up in our hearts, every idol set up in our lands, by the plans of man, or the adversary, if it ain’t you, then we call it down, unless a man labors with the Lord….

We’ll never labor in vain, may we never labor in vain, not one day

Spring training, spring training in the sun, how fun, in the midst of rumors of war

Spring, forth, spring forth o well, o well.

Crocus in the desert places, like a colorful blanket, where there was just sand a moment before, like a pure oasis, in the hot desert places, surround us with your 12 singing palms

O, one for every hour as the day is long, one for every tribe, one for every sent one, of the Lamb

Sending out 2 by 2, sending out an SOS for you, Sending out 2 by 2, sending out an SOS for you,

Like a man on a desert island, laying out the palm branches, putting his SOS out in the sand

To be seen from up in heaven, see our SOS from up in heaven,

send the deliver in warrior dress, rescue this land, rescue this nation, wake up, every single child, every single man, awake every girl, every mom, on the land,

Gunna wake em up now

Gotta clean my living room, my bedroom, gotta clean my house, put everything in order.

Be generationaly clean.

Dreams in the night hour, speak to your beloved, reveal your power,

Never ashamed, never ashamed of the gospel, never ashamed of Jesus name, never ashamed of the good news, never be ashamed, never be ashamed.

Advancement, advancement on the left flank, advancement on the right, advancement on the left flank, movement to the right

Brand new direction,

O I set the foundation, long long time ago, put you upon it, don’t you know?

I fixed the foundation, long time ago, and put you upon it, whiter than snow, and this, this you know.

and The cry for sons!  To live and not die!  And that heart cry for sons… for them to live and not die!  I’m leaving it in your hands, weather I live or cry, or live or die, O, the lord giveth and the lord taketh away, but there is a heart cry in the land, and it’s yours, it’s yours, your heart cry for sons to live, a heart cry that I’ve answered again and again, that cry, it’s you and I, my child, It’s you and I, that cry, that cry

As it was in seasons past, so it will be

O and you cry, let the lad live. And I heard your cry, let the lad live, and I will be a father to him

Let the lad live, and I’ll father him.  This is cry, and this is song, and this is destiny, as long as the day is long.

Daughters and moms, singing the same spiritual song, handmaidens, dancing, hand in hand again,

Being a friend, to the sinner again

The foundation, I set it long ago, and I put you on it, don’t you know?

And it’s sure under your feet, you’ve not built with hay, or straw or stubble, you’ve asked for gold refined, you’ve asked for milk for the babies, you’ve asked for meat to be in your house, which is my house, but it’s yours, it’s yours and mine.

And your the meat, spread it around, what I put in you, that’s the meat, it’s the sound.  And I caught you up, showed you great and mighty things, things that are, things that were, things that will be, some things I sealed up, and I’ve been waiting, with expectancy, even more than you, O I want it too, and I’m hearing you.

Surrounded, by such a cloud, surrounded by such cloud, such a cloud, a cloud of His presence, surrounded by such a cloud, such a cloud, such a crowd, such a cloud, holy crowd, such a cloud,

Stand fast, stand strong, hold fast, I’m penning a new song.

Authority over diseases, power and authority

An anointing to restore flesh, from like flesh eating bacteria, authority and dominion, supernatural no fear, watch diseases disappear right under your hands, remember, remember?

It will be as I said, even way back then.

And it starts with that cry, for sons to live and not die.

Let the lad live, let the lad live, I won’t wash my face, let the lad live, to live and not die and declare the glories of the living Christ.

Steven James McMullin

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