Jezreel International

Many times when disasters take place, we want to help but don’t know the right place to invest. As with most disasters, the storm damages of Texas are devastating, and news is actually quite unreliable. We need people that we can trust who know what is actually going on and have boots on the ground.

We also are hearing of scams where even celebrities are taking money from people to help with disaster aid that never goes past their bank accounts. This is sad.

So, we need people we can trust.

Let us pray for the great people of Texas! If you want to do more in a physical or financial way, our friends at Jezreel International are trustworthy and have a great track record.

Barry & Toni Feinman are friends and have attended our events in Albany, NY. You can take a look at their website and see the extraordinary work that they do globally. From their WEBSITE, you can donate and support in prayer their work in Texas and elsewhere.

Please continue to pray for the great people of Texas!

From: International Apostolic Ministries

Click on the “WEBSITE” link above or on the pic/poster to go to the website to donate.

Thank you so much!

Steven McMullin